Chinese Strong Natural Herb YongGang Male Sex Erectile Dysfunction Enhancment Pills

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Chinese Strong Natural Herb YongGang Male Sex Erectile Dysfunction Enhancment Pills 

YongGang Sex Enhancement Pills

YongGang Male Enhancement Pills is an herbal supplyment to treat erectile dysfunction or male enhancement. YongGang can increases your sex drive, increases your energy and stamina, betters your sexual performance, increases your chances for an erection, and reduces anxiety. The effects of one pill can last for 3 or 4 days.

Product Specification

1, Capacity: 750mg per tablet

2, Spec: 8 tablets/tin

3, 200tins/box


YongGang Active Ingredients

The main ingredients in YongGang are Chinese Yam, Gorgon Fruit Lily, Licorice, Chinese Wolfberry fruit, Chinese Chive Seed, Bitter Cardamom and Job’s Tears Seeds.

1, Chinese yam is used to increase your energy and sex drive.

2, Licorice, which you know is in many candies, helps with fatigue.

3, Gorgon Fruit Lily is commonly used to improve sexual ability and increases your energy levels.

4, Chinese chive seeds are used for better circulation, and they are full of antioxidants which help build your immune systems and reduce free radicals in the blood stream.

5, Chinese wolfberry is used to treat poor circulation and erectile dysfunction.

6,Job’s Tear Seeds is most commonly used to treat cancer. It also helps the body reduce the amount of fat your body will absorb.

7,Bitter cardamom is another herb that may prevent cancer. It also is used to maintain healthy kidney and urinary functions.

These ingredients work together not only to help you have a better sexual experience but to have better overall health. Natural remedies have been around for thousands of years and many people will tell you that many of them work.


YongGang Tablets Functions

1, Improves vigor as well as penis erection stiffness

2, Enhances energy & intimacy

3, Relieves depression

4, Regains sexual desire

5,  Male erectile dysfunction enhancement

6, Maintains energy for men

YongGang Applicable
1, Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy growth of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.
2, Shrinking of middle-aged and old man who suffer from premature ejaculation, sexual disorder.


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